Playa La Barqueta, We instantly fell in love with this place after spending years vacationing in Troncones, Mexico. This beach is very similar in that it is a wide, flat beach with good surfing opportunities. You can start your day with a 8 mile ride east to the end of the beach, looking for turtle tracks and enjoying the oystercatchers, osprey, pelicans, terns and other birds. Fisherman may be putting out a few nets near the end of the beach. Pick up a coconut or maybe one of the 5" sand dollars found about 6 miles down the beach. ANAM has a turtle egg enclosure at Los Hicacos, 5 miles east with all the plots labeled with the date they were placed there for incubation. By all means, the sunrise beachwalk or bike ride is not to be missed! If the tide is high, cross the small drainage ditch in front of Las Olas, turn right at the large blue builiding and continue 1.5 miles to the lagoon entrance and a dock. Howler monkeys will be heard all along the route and you will see many many other birds enroute. (more here)



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