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Alanje Ride - Short Route

Red - Blue - 7 miles to Alanje - 45 min to 1 hour

One of our favorite rides! Start from Las Olas and continue on paved road 1.5 miles to the sharp right turn next to the farm machinery on the left. Continue straight on the gravel road for 2.3 miles to the school and paved road and continue on towards the highway. Stop for a 40 cent coke at Abarrote Jose and continue straight .5 miles on the paved road to the intersection of the Alanje highway. Take a right at the intersection, pass one bar on the left ,check out the music, and go .7 miles to the bridge over the Rio Chico. This is favorite put-in for a 2-3 hour kayak trip which takes out at the next bridge. See trip photos from last year. Go .3 miles and pass 2 bars on the right just before town. We stopped to dance at the first bar, Jardin Brisas del Rio Chico. Listen to great music and check out the videos playing on the jukebox. Just as you enter town is the Super Centro Miguel, locally known as the chinese store. You can find just about anything here and this is the closest store to Las Olas. There are a handful of other stores here, a nice park, fire station and numerous roads leaving town so print off a google map before you try to pick a different route home. You have a choice now to ride north to the Pan Am Highway or just ride 2 miles to the Carta Vieja rum factory on the right. We usually take the road behind the church and head east through the sugarcane fields to Querevalos and back to Las Olas. There is also a Sunday market here worth checking out.