East Beach Ride photos

16 miles roundtrip - 2.5 to 4 hours round trip

This beach can be ridden at tides below 5 - 6 feet but is easier and firmer at tides below 4 feet. Start in front of Las Olas Resort or ride the paved road east one mile in front of the houses under construction and access the beach from the end of the paved road. At 1.5 miles from Las Olas you will pass the ANAM field station where they look after Olive Ridley turtle eggs they have collected along the beach. The eggs are incubated in a green mesh screened enclosure near the casa, 5 miles down the beach. You will likely pass Luis who is often near the casa digging up clams with a long machete. He sometimes uses his feet to imitate turtle tracks so be observant. You have a good chance of seeing fresh turtle tracks along this section of beach. There are resident oystercatchers, pelicans and many shorebirds and sometimes a brown booby. Mangrove black hawks, osprey, vultures, and caracaras are common. Fisherman are often netting fish in the surf just past the casa. Several shaded fish camps are located near the end of the ride. You never know what you will see on each ride. Near Las Olas Marsiel is actively involved in protecting turtles at his family restaurant at Rancho La Costena. Consider taking a beach or land tour with Tom to enhance your knowledge of local wildlife and plants.