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North Arm Lagoon Kayak Trip photos

Red/Pink - 10 miles roundtrip - 4 - 5 hours

This is another great introduction to the mangroves and provides an opportunity to make a loop, follow one channel as far as you can and stop at some of the local pullouts. This trip is quite shady and is well suited for a hot day. The 1.5 mile paddle to the main entrance of the larger lagoon can encounter strong currents near low tide where the water is less than 1 foot deep. The tide changes about 2 hours later than indicated by the Balboa tide tables. You can plan your trips to depart 1 -2 hours before low tide to catch a ride out. Remember, you will then paddle into a current on any other channel you enter. There is much less current at high tide and that is the best time to explore many of the side channels. In this case you would depart 1 -2 hours before high tide.