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Local Rides photos

Red - 9 miles roundtrip - 1 to 2 hours
Green - 4.5 miles roundtrip- 1 to 1.5 hours
Green to Red - 6 miles roundtrip - 1 to 1.5 hours
Blue - 3.5 miles roundtrip - 1 hour

Two of the best early morning rides are the Blue and Green rides. The Blue ride takes you to the dock where all the lagoon kayak trips depart. Leave from the front of Las Olas and follow the narrow dirt road across a drainage ditch. Turn right at the blue building and see Juan Arauz's fine horses in the stables. Follow the road straight to the lagoon, passing through one fence which was recently installed to keep the goats in one place. You soon reach the dock after passing the fence. Listen for howler monkeys and enjoy early morning birding.

To access the Green trail continue straight past the blue building on your right and a farmhouse on your left and take your first right about 400 feet past the buildings. This road is better than the road to the dock and passes through a beanfield and melon patch to a gate which is a large cow pasture. Go through the gate and you can easily ride across the short grass and make a large circle in the field continue straight or left to connect to the red trail. The trail ends at a few structures at the edge of the lagoon where wood-cutting has been done in the past. Lots of birding along these two roads. If you plan to connect the Green and Red roads be sure to ride counterclockwise and you will easily find the road back to the highway.

The Red ride is a nice ride on paved road which ends 1/2 mile off the main highway. You will follow pavement from Las Olas taking a sharp right at the farm machinery bldg. Continue to the next paved road where the road veers sharly right. There is a church at this intersection and you stay right. In about 500 feet there is a +Movistar bus stop with a paved road and take a right on this road. Follow the paved road 1/2 mile to the end. You will then see a split in 500 ft and stay right or explore to the left. Both will take you to parts of the lagoon. You might be able to hook up with the green trail if you go cross country and just head towards the mangrove and follow the trail along the edge of it back to the fence for the pasture. lots and lots of exploring to do. Bring a GPS if you have one!