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Sept/Oct 2006 Turtle refuge article - Marcial turtle release article

November 2006 Afternoon at Playa La Barquete

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May 2008 drainage ditch and local politics article

October 2008 Two Americans kidnapped or were they? Probably not...

December 2008 drowning article with followup comment


Playa de la Barqueta Agricola Wildlife Refuge

The Playa de la Barqueta Agricola Wildlife Refuge is located in Chiriqui Province, about 25 minutes from the city of David. Is consists of 14,700 acres of mangroves, beaches and wetlands. This refuge protects important nesting sites for several species of sea turtles.

In this refuge you can find mammals such as squirrel monkeys, cariblanco monkeys, nocturnal monkeys, ocelot, tapir otters, weasels, and raccoons. Birds found in this area include the boat-billed heron, the great egret, snowy egret, and the silver duck. Mulata turtles, green turtles and several other species of sea turtle are found here, as are lizards and boa constrictors.