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Las Olas - Querevalo - Alanje Ride

Red - 7 miles - Las Olas to Querevalo - 45 min to 1 hour
3.5 miles - Las Olas to Jardin la Siesta (Guarumal)- 20-30 min
Green - 4 miles - Querevalo to Alanje - 30 min
Ride Photos - Munecos

Start from Las Olas and continue on the paved road, crossing a drainage ditch where a caiman can sometimes be seen near the road. Stop at El Ranchito for a bite of food or stop at the window at Angelica for a cold drink. This is the closest store to Las Olas. Within another few minutes you will arrive at the machinery shed on the left and a concrete pad on the right where rice is bagged. Turn right on the paved road. Continue .7 miles to the Vivero sign where furniture is made. We had a small computer desk and chair made for the condo. Continue another 3 miles to Bar Los Guarumal on the left and a new bar on the right where good music is often heard. Ride another .5 miles to Restaurant Don Migual, a popular breakfast stop. Next door are two stores and our favorite dance bar, Jardin La Siesta in Guarumal Lots of bachata and merengue music to dance to and the bar hosts a disco and live music during major celebrations. Beers are 55 cents if you need to take some to go. We often continue .8 miles to the El Tablado for a fruit batido ($1.25) or the comidas tipicas for $3.50 from the very friendly owners. You can continue on another .8 miles to the highway intersection. Here you can turn left to go to Alanje or go over the Rio Chico bridge going straight to Querevalo. Dulces are often sold here on weekends and in town. Turn left on the highway and head west through the canefields the short 4 miles to Alanje. After arriving you can visit the Chinese store, Super Centro Miguel. You can find just about anything here and this is the closest store to Las Olas. There are a handful of stores here, a nice park, fire station, river overlook, church and numerous roads leaving town so print off a google map before you try to pick a different route home. You have a choice now to ride north to the Pan Am Highway , or just ride 2 miles to the Carta Vieja rum factoryon the right or head west, past 2 bars and cross over the Rio Chico taking the shorter road back. One popular New Years traditions in Panama is to prepare effigies of well-known people and burn them on New Year's Eve. These dolls or effigies are known as New Year's muñecos. Munecos represent the old year and they are burnt with firecrackers to drive off the evil spirits along with the old year. The people along your route are the friendliest you will ever meet so be sure to wave back!