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West Beach Ride photos

16 miles roundtrip - 2.5 to 4 hours round trip

This beach can be ridden at tides below 4 feet but is easier and firmer at tides below 2 feet. Start in front of Las Olas Resort and ride the beach or ride the paved road through the guard gate and west two miles to the end of the paved road. A sandy road continues a few hundred yards and ends at the beach. There are numerous sandburrs present along all these sandy beach roads so be prepared for a flat or watch your tires closely. Do not expect to see anyone much past the houses until you travel 5 miles down the beach. There are several access points to roads inland and they all have a homemade shelter marking them. There is a small fishing village which is mostly unoccupied except during weekends. A dead caiman was present last visit. Access to these huts are by boat only from a road from Canta Gallo. It is possible bypass about 6 miles of beach and ride in from the north but the trail is hard to follow and you will need to wade thigh deep water. There is far too much water to wade across the Rio Escarrea but a boat shuttle could allow you to continue onward if you need more adventure. This is a great ride if you can catch the low tides at an early hour which is only about 8 days a month unless you can catch a cloudy day to ride.